Breanne Litts


Breanne K. Litts is an Assistant Professor in Instructional Technologies and Learning Sciences and director of Learn Explore Design Lab at Utah State University. She investigates how people learn by and collaborate through making, designing, and producing and develops technologies and learning environments to support these interdisciplinary activities. Her scholarly interests combine identity, learning, design, and technology, particularly from a learning sciences perspective. Dr. Litts examines how to leverage place-based storytelling to engage young people in cultural and civic issues as well as computational and technological design practices. Her overarching goal is to democratize disciplinary learning and legitimize making as learning. She collaborates and co-designs with academic, K-12, library, museum, industry, and other community partners. With NSF support (AISL #1623404), Dr. Litts currently works with her co-PI’s and in partnership with American Indian communities to co-design culturally responsive maker activities and spaces and support diverse knowledge systems in disciplinary-based learning environments by leveraging narrative- and place-based approaches.