Nate Justis


Nate is most interested in how learning environments foster student agency and initiative. Nate grew up exploring the high plains of Laramie, Wyoming, and later the mountain streams of Cache Valley. His curiosity led to studying physics teaching and math education at Brigham Young University. While teaching, he completed a master's degree in physics pedagogy at Arizona State University. After an 8-year teaching career in high school physics and math, he coached teachers in the classroom for one year. Then, realizing he wanted to open a new school, Nate left Utah to study school development at Harvard University. After completing a second master's degree, he joined a team that opened the American International School of Utah—a K-12 charter school in Murray, Utah, that utilizes blended and experiential learning. After four years at AISU, Nate returned to Logan, Utah, to take a job as principal of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School and begin his PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University.


Justis, N. (2005). Measuring Glass Thickness of a Reference Cell Used in a Polarized  3He Experiment. U.S. Department of Energy Journal of Undergraduate Research, 5, 30-34.