Lili Yan


Lili Yan, a graduate student, has six-year experience of teaching English in Chinese colleges. She has participated in the nation-wide reform of college English curriculum and courses and helped with the integration of mobile learning and EAP courses when she was teaching in Shanghai. She is an active practitioner of a variety of instructional technologies, ranging from e-portfolio assessments to QR code quizzes. Her latest research project about EAP teaching in Chinese private colleges has been funded by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Education. Lili has her research interests in second language acquisition, learners’ identity in cyberspace, instructional technology and equity in higher education, cognitive theories and culturally responsive maker activities. Apart from her endeavors in teaching, Lili is working towards being a versatile humanist with interdisciplinary research experiences in posthumanist theories, digital humanities, environmental humanities, biosemiotics and the anthropocene. She is interested in applying literary narrative strategies in game design. Being an English major and a teacher in the English department afterwards, Lili is also an amateur poet and mini-fiction writer.



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